Muslim Brotherhood Leader Badie: One Death Sentence, 76 Years Prison Terms, 34 Cases Under Investigation

An Egyptian court on Monday sentenced to life imprisonment (25 years) Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie in the fabricated so-called 'Al-Bahr Al-Azam clashes' case, without hearing defense or witnesses.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance Re-Structuring to Accommodate New, Revolutionary Youth Leaders

Egypt's broadbased anti-coup coalition begins rejuvenation endeavors to better face up to the repression of the ruling military junta, with the help of young revolutionary leaders.

Beltagy Family, Defense Campaign Reject Life Jail Sentence

Another junta-controlled mindless monkey court violates defendants' right of due process, sentencing Dr Beltagy to life in prison, without bothering to hear defense or witnesses.

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Official Statement on American and International Anti-Terror Coalition

Muslim Brotherhood in Syria doubts intention of US and international endeavors to fight 'terrorism' while overlooking the Assad regime's inhuman atrocities.