Rights Organization Denounces Deaths in Egypt Prisons, Police Stations

Alkarama for human rights documents four fresh deaths in detention in 48 hours after interior minister statements about new prison regulations and most absurd claims of 5-star prisoner treatment.

Pro-Democracy Alliance in Qena: Interior Ministry Responsible for Ill Political Prisoners Life

In yet another flagrant violation of human rights, junta prison authorities deliberately deny a political prisoner urgent medical treatment for life-threatening illness.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: Justice Indivisible

Such is Egypt's lopsided justice today that ousted Mubarak's evident crimes take 3 years of 'careful consideration'; but hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood leaders are dealt mass death sentences in minutes.

Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Mubarak Judgment Deferral

Egypt's FJP, the Muslim Brotherhood's political wing, says ousted Mubarak's court case judgment has been postponed for fear of 'united' revolutionary action.