After Causing Aqrab Detainee Permanent Disability, Prison Administration Threaten Him with Death

Vindictive junta jail management at notorious Aqrab Prison maim Mossaad Abu-Zeid, causing him permanent paralysis, then tell him to shut up or else…

Muslim Brotherhood: Egyptians Paying for Sisi’s Selling Out of Egypt Historical Nile Water Share

 To the patriotic people of Egypt and the great revolutionaries… Almost thirty whole months have passed and you are still standing steadfast, in your prisons and in liberty squares across

Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls For More Protests Against Fumbling Junta

The Anti-Coup Pro-Legitimacy National Alliance reiterates its commitment to complete the January 2011 Revolution, oust the junta and exact retribution from all coup criminals and collaborators.

Egyptian Revolutionary Council Vows No Compromise on Principles, 2011 Revolution Goals

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council issues a statement addressed to the Egyptian people, to mark the January 25, 2011 Revolution.

Aqrab Detainees’ Families Association Protests Notorious Jail’s Absurd Visiting Rules

Families of political prisoners held hostage by junta authorities in harsh high-security jails complain that visits were illegally banned for long months on end, and so were blankets, medicines and

Names of 59 Women Political Detainees in Egypt

Sisi's illegitimate military regime in Egypt continues its brutal persecution of Egyptian women, deliberately humiliating girls, young students or mothers of little babies, detaining them on false charges, holding them

Plea from Fateh Mosque Incident Detainees

The Fateh Mosque clashes (August 16, 2013), happened just after the criminal military coup in Egypt, where junta forces attacked thousands of protesters in Fateh Mosque, killing hundreds and arbitrarily

2015 Heavy Harvest: Junta Regime in Egypt Kills 24 Students, Jails 1010 More

Student rights group Freedom Seekers Monitor documents a whole year's atrocities against university and higher-institute students.

Freedom and Justice Party Spokesman’s Health Deteriorates in Detention

FJP Spokesman Murad Ali suffers deliberate medical neglect in notorious Aqrab Prison, after painful heart attack.

Coup Security Forces Break Up Unirab Co Workers Strike by Force

A workers' strike at Unirab Polvara Spinning and Weaving Co in Alexandria is brutally suppressed, crushed by coup security forces – a lesson for all to learn: if make demands