Muslim Brotherhood Statement on the Events in Sinai

Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood issues a statement denouncing the horrid spilling of blood in the Sinai Peninsula.

Muslim Brotherhood’s Qutb Al-Arabi Condemns Heinous Sinai Bombings

Journalist and Muslim Brotherhood Leader Qutb Al-Arabi condemns the latest bombing incident in the Sinai, and places responsibility on the ruling military junta regime.

Egypt Pro-Democracy Alliance Calls ‘Friday of Persistence and Defiance’ Day of Anger Protests

Egypt's Anti-Coup National Alliance issues a statement urging patriotic citizens to join the thundering protests to achieve the Revolution's demands and oust the illegitimate coup regime.

Egypt Muslim Brotherhood Reiterates Commitment to Non-Violence

Peaceful protest is our chosen path to achieve the Egyptian Revolution's goals, the Muslim Brotherhood reaffirms.