Junta Justice Sentences to Death 22 Opponents in Kerdasa Sham Trial

Another mass execution sentence by the same pro-junta judge for 22 more anti-coup people, with no defense allowed, no evidence given.

ERC Warns Coup Authorities Against Consequences of Politicized Judiciary

The Egyptian Revolutionary Council warns the coup authorities in Egypt from the consequences of its politicised judiciary issuing any further unjust sentences against the revolutionaries including most prominently Egypt’s first

Students Against The Coup: Repression Against Cairo Students Will Not Break Our Resolve

After a barbaric and bloody attack by armed coup militias and hired thugs against unarmed students on Cairo University campus, SAC student movement vows to persist in peaceful protest and

Raise Morsi Hand-Grip Symbol for Solidarity, Support

A call to all supporters of democratic legitimacy: raise high the hand-grip made famous by President Morsi in Egypt's iconic Tahrir Square and later in court.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement on President Morsi Upcoming Court Sentencing Tuesday

 The Egyptian Revolution is at a critical moment where the military junta, having failed to halt the growing protest and peaceful resistance movement, is endeavoring to push the country into

Muslim Brotherhood Statement: Coup Regime Destroys Nation Values, Islam Fundamentals

It is no coincidence that the military junta’s media tentacles drown Egyptians with mounting calls to war on the nation’s own morals and religious values, principles and constants, from burning