Death Chambers, Azuli Prison

From enforced disappearance, through brutal torture and inhuman atrocities, to extrajudicial executions, Azuli Prison detainees suffer the full force of military junta injustice and systematic oppression.

Al-Shater Health Deteriorates in Notorious Aqrab Prison; Medical Care Banned

Muslim Brotherhood deputy leader Khairat Al-Shater, currently held on political trumped-up charges at the harsh Aqrab Prison, suffers solitary confinement as his health fails in total absence of medical care.

Death Chambers, Wadi Natrun Prison

As part of the ongoing #DeathChambers campaign on social media to raise awareness of the inhuman and illegal treatment of political detainees by Sisi regime in Egypt, we present some

Death Chambers, Aqrab Prison

Political prisoners held in notorious Aqrab prison suffer critical humanitarian situation under July 3, 2013 military coup authorities.