Students Against the Coup in Zagazig University Vows Retaliation for Sarah Mashaal Abduction

In a statement Wednesday, SAC condemns the blatant violations of student Sarah Mashaal's rights by coup authorities who abducted her from within the university campus.

Anti-Coup Alliance: Sisi Gang Disgraces October War Victory

Nation-wide pro-democracy coalition calls on all patriotic Egyptians, including honorable army officers and soldiers, to stand with the men and women of the January 25 (2011) Revolution.

Muslim Brotherhood Statement Marking 43rd October War Anniversary

This year, the forty-second anniversary of the October (1973) War witnesses the setback experienced by Egypt today, the betrayals and crimes committed by supposedly Egyptian army generals. Whereas Egypt’s army

Egypt Revolutionary Council Statement on October War Urges Soldiers, Officers to Join Revolution

Marking the October 6, 1973 War, the Egyptian Revolutionary Council issues a statement to invite fellow Egyptians, especially army soldiers and officers to reveal their rejection of the coup commanders