Press Release: Aqrab Detainees’ Families Association Refutes NCHR Visit Claims

ADFA warn against further violations of detainees' rights in notorious Aqrab Prison after repeated and systematic false claims by the junta's media henchmen that incite against political prisoners.

Pro-Democracy National Alliance in North Sinai Calls Peaceful Revolutionary Protests

Marking the memory of the January 25, 2011 Revolution, the wide-based anti-coup National Alliance in Sinai urges all Egyptians to turn out for massive demonstrations to protest military rule repression.

National Alliance in Sharqeya Mourns Martyrs Assassinated by Coup Regime Criminals

The military coup regime's murderous Ministry of Interior breaks into homes of three students and executes them in cold blood.

FJP Leader Dardery: After Church Apology, Sisi Must Apologize to All Egyptians

Senior official of the Freedom and Justice Party Dardery congratulates Egyptian Christians on New Year, but believes general Sisi's apology to Church is bound to increase sectarian strife sparked by

Human Rights Organization’s Damning Report on Violations, Atrocities in Egypt During 2015

UK-Based rights organization AOHR's annual report condemns the military coup regime in Egypt for its relentless war on all opponents, killing and maiming children, old people, men and women without