Muslim Brotherhood Marks 100-Year Sykes-Picot, Vowing Victory Despite Wounds, Sacrifices

A century has passed since the secret agreement signed on May 17, 1916 by the French diplomat François Georges-Picot with Britain’s representative Mark Sykes, with the assent of the Russian

Women Against the Coup Marks Year Since ‘Arab Sharkas’ Executions by Junta Injustice

Women Against the Coup movement remembers the tragic execution of 6 innocent Egyptians without due process, and vows revolution till victory.

Morsi Supply Minister Bassem Ouda: Never Sold Off Any Egyptian Islands! Why Am I in

Symbols of Egypt's January 2011 Revolution are seen – and heard – Tuesday in a court session in their trial, the so-called Rabaa Sit-In case, in which heavily-armed coup forces