Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Extrajudicial Murder of Guidance Bureau Member by Military Junta

We got the message you told by the assassination of Dr Mohamed Kamal, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau; and Dr Yasser Shehata, thinking you can terrorize or make

Egypt Sinai Women Against the Coup Statement on October 6 War Anniversary

As Egypt 'celebrates' its 1973 victory, in which the Sinai was liberated from Israel, the region is treated by the remodeled Egyptian army as enemy territory, with Egyptian homes bombed,

Shehab Center for Human Rights: Egypt Children Hunger-Strike Protests Prison Ill-Treatment

Minors in coup regime incarceration facilities demand a stop to beatings, abuse and humiliation; and insist their hunger-strike will go on until demands are met.

Muslim Brotherhood Mourns Young Egyptian Ihab Mohannad

The Muslim Brotherhood mourns with great sadness and sorrow the death of the young Egyptian Mohannad Ihab, who passed away aged only 20, after a long battle with leukemia, which

Muslim Brotherhood Acting Chairman Denounces Aleppo Holocaust; Urges Unity

Aleppo, and Syria in general, is the most afflicted of all Arab lands. Only Gaza, and Palestine in general, is suffering almost as much at the moment. The carnage in

Syria Muslim Brotherhood Statement on Aleppo Devastation

For more than three years now, Syria has been suffering constant international aggression against its people and its territories, with Russia continuously and brutally bombarding the city of Aleppo and

Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates Muslim Nation, Revolutionaries on New Hijri Year 1438

The Muslim Brotherhood offers its sincere congratulations to the Muslim nation in all parts of the world for the new Hijri year (1438). The group further offers its sincere congratulations

Anti-Coup National Alliance Calls “Poor’s Rage” Week of Peaceful Protest

Egypt's pro-democracy nationwide Alliance urges all the people to unite and face up to the ruinous coup and the failures and crises it caused.

Stop Execution of Egypt Campaign Relaunched, Demanding End to Death Penalty in Egypt

Stop the Execution of Egypt campaign has been relaunched (the second time in three years), as the junta regime in Egypt persists in its absurd policy of confusing and linking

Muslim Brotherhood Condemns Basarta Village Storming War-Crime

The military junta hordes in Egypt have committed yet another most horrific crime in the village of Basarta, with live ammunition and heavy (Grinov) machine guns. This is a war