Human Rights Organization’s Damning Report on Violations, Atrocities in Egypt During 2015

UK-Based rights organization AOHR's annual report condemns the military coup regime in Egypt for its relentless war on all opponents, killing and maiming children, old people, men and women without

Press Conference to Respond to UK Government Report on the Muslim Brotherhood

Prime Minister David Cameron made a Statement to Parliament on the findings of the internal review to improve the government’s understanding of the Muslim Brotherhood, hours before the Christmas recess

Freedom and Justice Party: Czech President Remarks Contradict Reality

The FJP refutes claims against the Muslim Brotherhood made in a recent statement by Czech President Miloš Zeman.

North Sinai Residents Condemn Coup Policies, Detail Atrocities and Violations

The Association of the families and the people of North Sinai denounces the military coup regime for turning Sinai residents from national heroes to fearful fugitives hounded by ruthless brutal

Torture Fears in Qena General Prison as Inmate Badly Maimed by New Chief

A notoriously brutal prison officer causes serious concerns torturing and badly injuring an inmate, after getting a suspended sentence for torturing another to death.

Save Mohamed Farouk from Junta Torture Chambers

The family of forced disappearance victims Mohamed Farouk (student) and his brother-in-law Osama Abu-Hatab (engineer) issue an urgent appeal for help to human rights organizations to intervene to find their

Junta Seizes Businesses, Hospitals and Charities Suspected of belonging to Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt junta regime takes over assets of yet more businesses and charities accused of having links with the Muslim Brotherhood.