The duty of the Brotherhood

Then he spoke – may Allah have mercy on him - about the duty of the Brotherhood, which is to explain the call and spread it to the people in

The Muslim youth responsibility

Then we find the imam - may Allah have mercy on him – mobilizing the hearts of the zealous youth, and making them feel the responsibility placed upon them, when

The Brotherhood only wants Islam, and they see nothing but Islam as a saviour for

The ‘Letters’ of the martyred Imam Hassan al-Banna - may Allah have mercy on him - remain the source to draw from, for anyone who wishes to know the thought,

The Brotherhood only wants Islam

1- Who are we We are brothers and sisters in Islam and for those who aspire, companions on the path of the Brotherhood. We strive to gather the expertise and

A word on the purposes of the Muslim Brotherhood

 The Martyr Imam Hasan Al-Banna: The Islamic organizations have multiplied, and the purposes and fields of struggle have varied accordingly, and all of them, praise be to Allah, are an

5-Taking a Pause with careful understanding

Brief definition The paths of action in the Islamic project The Islamic project presented by the Muslim Brotherhood is a project based on a moderate and integrated understanding, and that

4-Taking a Pause with careful understanding

Fourth: Islamic and national groups and forces   The group welcomes the existence of all of this, and always seeks cooperation and coordination, even if it is in a subfield,

3-Taking a Pause with careful understanding

Third: The reservoirs established by the group: For the success of the Islamic project and its extension in various fields, and to employ the energies of society to work in

2-Taking a Pause with careful understanding

  Second: The Islamic Project: The group presents to the Islamic Ummah its project in a specific manner with clear goals and landmarks, and it adopts it and works to