227 Swine Flu Case in Egypt’s schools and Universities

227 Swine Flu Case in Egypt’s schools and Universities

Egypt’s Health Ministry today announced the detection of 72 additional swine flu cases. 52 cases alone were detected  in schools and universities in the governorates of Cairo, Helwan, Giza, Kafr El Sheikh, South Sinai, Aswan, and Alexandria, bringing the total to 227 cases , including 7 at nursery schools, 121 at primary school, 67  cases in middle schools and 32 in secondary schools.



In its statement, which Ikhwanweb received a copy of; the ministry has reported new swine flu cases in the Cairo Governorate including cases in the following schools:


Suzanne Mubarak School

Al-Salam School

Hassan ibn Thabet School

St. Fatima School Advanced School

Al-Zaher School

Al-Raei Al-Saleh School

Al`Ula Modern school

Canadian Colombian School Lighthouse Modern School,

Saadia School,

Armenian Catholic Sisters School,

Ahmed Khalil Al-Azhar,

Sisters of the Armenian Nozha Language School

Muqattam private school,

Ibn Rushed School,

St. Georges School,

Nefertari School,

Future School

Al-Andalus school.


In the governorate of Helwan two school students were infected with H1N1 the schools include:


 National Maadi Gardens

Cairo English School

British school

Egypt 2000 School


In the governorate of Giza new swine flu cases were detected at:


Dar al-Muslim

Hamza Bin Abdul Muttali

Al-Safa private school


Agouza School




In the governorate of in Kafr El-Sheikh 3 school students get also H1N1 flu, including student at Ahmed Ghalwash Institute, femal student at language school and student at junior male high school.


In the governorate of Aswan 3 school students get also swine flu at Languages School. In the governorate of South Sinai School student get swine flu at St. Joseph School. In the governorate of Alexandria two swine flu cases were confirmed at Hanovil and Fallujah schools.


Meanwhile, 6 fresh cases of the disease were reported at Egypt’s Universities, including:

  The Faculty of Commerce

 Faculty of Science

Faculty of Education Ain Shams University

 Maadi Modern Academy

 Institute of Social Service at Cairo

 Higher Institute of Engineering and Technology (AIET) at Qalyubia governorate, bringing the total number to 38 at Egypt’s universities so far.

The number of reported  H1N1 outside schools and universities in Egypt include 14 swine flu cases which have been confirmed. Most cases are Egyptians citizens with the exception of 1 case from Germany and 1 from Italy.