• July 4, 2013
  • 3 minutes read

23 Supporters of President Morsi Dead After Al-Sisi’s Military Coup Statement

23 Supporters of President Morsi Dead After Al-Sisi’s Military Coup Statement

Immediately after the coup speech by General Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi ended, false claims of ensuring the safety of protesters in governorates across Egypt fell apart with deadly consequences for the unarmed, pro-Morsi peaceful protesters, even though blood of 18 pro-democracy demonstrators – killed outside Cairo University Tuesday – has not dried yet.

In Matrouh, army and police forces fired live bullets at tens of thousands of supporters of the legitimate President Morsi and citizens demonstrating against military rule, killing 7 and wounding dozens. The security forces refused to aid the injured, leaving them to bleed, and then prevented ambulances from reaching them.

Security forces also fired live bullets at supporters of democratic legitimacy in Barrani to break up their sit-in by force, killing 3 more citizens. Subsequently, protesters torched a police department in the region.

In Alexandria, 10 supporters of President Morsi, including the Martyr Sohail Ammar, were killed after security forces accompanied by Tamarod thugs attacked them with live bullets in Sidi Bishr, following an hours-long siege where heavily-armed security forces and thugs surrounded tens of thousands of peaceful supporters of constitutional legitimacy.

More security forces and thugs laid siege to hundreds of women inside Sidi Bishr mosque for 3 hours, as the army looked on and never moved a finger. More than 200 supporters of electoral legitimacy then got seriously injured as they were attacked with live ammunition, birdshot, tear gas and bladed weapons.

Three more people were killed and 14 wounded in an attack on supporters of President Morsi in Minya governorate.