230 Killed and 750 wounded in the latest Israeli massacre

230 Killed and 750 wounded in the latest Israeli massacre

On the most bloody day witnessed in Palestine since 41 years the Israeli occupation war machine on Saturday killed more than 230 Palestinians and wounded around 750 others, 200 of them in serious condition.

More than a hundred American supplied F16s carried out a series of simultaneous air strikes at noon Saturday across the Gaza Strip targeting police stations and a mosque.

The air strikes were timed to coincide with time school children leave their schools home causing many casualties amongst school children.

Muaweyya Hasanin, director of emergency services, said that 230 people were killed in the attacks and 750 were wounded, 200 of them seriously, adding that a large number of civilians were amongst the victims. Medical sources expected the death toll to rise to 350.

Hasanin added that there 15 victims who could not be identified because their bodies were badly mutilated, adding that at 80 of the victims were mutilated.

He said that the rapid rise in the death toll was due to the recovery of new victims from under the rubbles and the continuing Israeli air strikes which have not stopped until the early hours of Sunday.

Hasanin also said that hospitals are lacking medicines and medical materials necessary for treating the wounded calling on Arab countries to provide the essential medical supplies urgently.