25 Arrested From MP Rally in Nile Delta

25 Arrested From MP Rally in Nile Delta

Egyptian police arrested on Friday 25 supporters (including son) of Muslim Brotherhood MP Dr. Farid Ismail from a public conference he convened to present his accomplishments in the latest parliamentary round and his plans for the next term which will begin next Wednesday.

The MP convenes an annual conference in which the residents of his constituency present their various demands and concerns.

Ismail told Ikhwanweb he asked security services to give him permission to hold the rally before his headquarters but he did not receive an answer. So he held it in his office which was replete with supporters on Friday. But with the increasing number of people present, many stood in front of the headquarters.

The MP”s supporters were surprised when more than six central security trucks came to cordon the area. And when the MP kicked off his speech, security forces attacked the place in large numbers, and started beating supporters and dispersing them forcefully. They ended up arresting 25 citizens and wounding tens others.

The MP headed for the police headquarters to mediate to set the detainees free, especially that he did not commit any legal violation whatsoever, and he did not cause any harm or damage to general security, he said.