25 student members of the Muslim Brotherhood arrested in Egypt

25 student members of the Muslim Brotherhood arrested in Egypt

At least 25 students have been arrested by the Egyptian government for “belonging” to an outlawed muslim group, marking the resumption of t he government”s crackdown on members of the muslim brotherhood.

PANA reports from here Saturday that altogether hundreds of students have been arrested since the crackdown began early this year.

But a defiant official of the group, Mohamed Habib, said “Things will remain a s they are now as long as there is no democracy, no political diversity, no peac e ful transition of power, no public freedom and as long as corruption exists.”

Habib, who is the Brotherhood”s Deputy Chief, told PANA. “All this shows that we live in a state of political dead ends, oppression and dictatorship,” adding ” the crackdown is an attempt to create misunderstanding among Egyptians.

“The regime in Egypt tries to dent our image, calling us outlaws and all the bad treatment they are giving us gives the impression that we are in fact outlaws.”

The crackdown includes not allowing leading members of the group to travel out o f Egypt.

Essam El Erian, a high-ranking official in the group and a spokesperson, who h as been stopped from boarding flights to conferences outside the country on at least three occasions, said the setback was only a catalyst to strengthen the orga n isation.

“We are ready for arrests at any moment. Many of our members have given our fami lies the means to continue on with their daily activities even if we are detained ,” Erian said.

Late Egyptian President Gamal Abdel Nasser banned the Muslim Brotherhood in 1954 after blaming the group for a failed assassination attempt against him.

The organisation has continuously denied any involvement in violent acts.