• May 15, 2007

3 Alex. MB Leaders Arrested

The state security forces in Alexandria arrested on Monday at dawn three Muslim Brotherhood leaders in the Mediterranean city after raiding and searching their houses. They were taken to an undisclosed, and they haven’t appeared before a competent prosecution yet.

The detainees are:

Engineer Ibrahim Al-Sayyed, member of the MB administrative office in Alexandria( the highest leading position for the group in Alexandria),

Reda Abdou and Hisham Hussein, both of them are employees in Al-Ameriya oil company; both of them are top leaders in Asafra region .

For his part, Eng. Ali Abd Al-Fattah, a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Alexandria, said these detentions are seemingly a part of the series of attacks against the Muslim Brotherhood group.

Abd Al-Fattah added in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the target of these detentions is attempting to confuse the lines of the Muslim Brotherhood and to prevent it from fielding candidates in the coming Shura Council elections scheduled on June 11.

Abd Al-Fattah confirmed that these detentions wont have any effect on the Muslim Brotherhood’s attitudes and policies towards change and calls for reform in the society.

It is worth mentioning that these detentions are part of a fierce and unjustified security crackdown launched by the Egyptian regime against the Muslim Brotherhood group, starting from mid December 2006. it led to arresting hundreds of Muslim Brotherhood leaders topped by engineer Khairat Al-Shater the second deputy chairman of the group and Dr. Mohamed Ali Beshr, a member of group’s Executive Bureau, in addition to a big number of businessmen, and chairmen of companies and Islamic publishing houses.

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