3 Million Complaints Against Egyptian Gov’t In One Year .

The latest report of the Forum of Development and Human Rights dialogue revealed that is the dialogue meeting enterprise for the development and the human rights .

The frightening figure reflects accurately the state official- citizen relationship after complaints became the only means available to give the citizen his rights in the face of state officials’ inflexible attitudes.

The figures show that there are more than 79 thousand complaints were filed last year by employees to the Cabinet’s central department for serving citizens; the Ministry of Agriculture had the lion’s share of complaints (13 thousand complaints), followed by the Ministry of Administrative Development (8 thousand complaints), the Ministry of Housing (five thousand complaints), the Ministry of Labor Force and Migration (four thousand complaints), the Ministry of Local Development (three thousand complaints) and the Ministry of Social Solidarity (2817 complaints) and the Interior Ministry (2825 complaints). As for the ministry that faced the least number of complaints, it is the Ministry of Tourism (112 complaints), followed by the Ministry of Information (123 complaints) and the Ministry of Justice (914 complaints) and the Ministry of Endowments (974 complaints) .

Figures show that the complaints were mostly filed by fresh graduates aiming at finding a job opportunity in the government or in the private sector, followed by complaints from Ghazl and textile factories because there is no cotton. As for regions, the governorate of Cairo filed the biggest number of complaints, followed by Dakahlia, Alexandria, Giza and Al-Qalyubia .

Master of Its Own Decisions

The departments receiving complaints include also the complaints committee in the People’s Assembly (the lower chamber of parliament) and it is working all year round. What ’s noticed about the performance of this committee is the government’s neglecting citizens complaints. The committee received 317 complaints, including 288 complaints which have been sent to competent authorities (206 complaints sent to ministries, 45 complaints to governorates and 37 complaints to independent organizations) and 25 complaints which the committee suspended according to the bylaw of the People’s Assembly.

As for the responses to these complaints, the committee received, during the period preparing the report, only 18 responses (9 responses of ministries, 4 from governorates and 5 from independent organizations).

Dr. Fawziya Abdul Sattar the ex-chairman of the legislative committee in the People’s Assembly commented on these figures, saying:” The Assembly’s complaints committee isn’t not responsible only for bill laws, but is also concerned with the problems facing the Egyptian society publicly or individually with ministries; these complaints are referred to the competent authorities to end the cause of the complaint; therefore the complaints committee must be activated to help people take their rights and lift injustice.

Table of complaints filed against Egyptian Cabinet.


No. complaints


Ministry of Agriculture

13 thousand complaints

Biggest number of complaints

the Ministry of Administrative Development

8 thousand complaints


Ministry of Housing

(five thousand complaints


Ministry of Labor Force and Migration

four thousand complaints


Ministry of Local Development

three thousand complaints


Ministry of Social Solidarity

2817 complaints


Interior Ministry

2825 complaints


the Ministry of Endowments

974 complaints


the Ministry of Justice

914 complaints


Ministry of Information

123 complaints


Ministry of Tourism

112 complaints

Lowest number of complaints