• February 24, 2007
  • 4 minutes read

3 Released Among 18 Dismissed Students in Al-Azhar

3 Released Among 18 Dismissed Students in Al-Azhar

Al-Azhar University dismissed, last Wednesday morning, 18 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students, under allegation of hindering classes and spreading ideas that harm social peace and pose dangers to national security.


One of the dismissed students, from the Faculty of Pharmacy, told Ikhwanweb about the disciplinary board:” The academic day at the university was very smooth; we started it with welcoming our colleagues who have been recently released and our professors who congratulated the students on the release before classes started at about 9.00 AM on Tuesday morning; then the faculty board suddenly summoned 18 students, including 3 students released a week ago, to attend an immediate disciplinary board headed by Dr. Mohamed Al Dhahabi, the Faculty of Pharmacy principal.


The student added that the faculty board took the attendance sheets in the laboratories to strike their names off them, after it confirmed its plans for denying all of them access to the second term exams, even if a judicial ruling cancelled the disciplinary board’s decisions and allowed them to attend.


The Faculty of Pharmacy administration decided to dismiss the following students :


4th Year Students

-Hazem Ahmed Mohamed Sami

-Sayed Abdul Hamid Al Maadawi

-Wael Mohamed Al Sheikh

-Mohamed Abdul Moneim Shahin

-Walid Shahir Al-Din

-Mohamed Abdul Aziz Zeidan

-Reda Abdul Aziz

-Ahmed Shalabi.


3rd Year Students

-Mohamed Ahmed Al-Kashef

-Mohamed Fawzi Keshk

-Islam Kamal Al Sayed

-Ibrahim Al Sayed Lashin

-Ahmed Ahmed Ibrahim

-Adel Ahmed Gaafar

2nd Year Students

-Ibrahim Ibrahim Solaiman

-Ibrahim Farouk Ibrahim

-Mogahed Mohamed Ali

-Ahmed Abdul Aziz Galal.


In the same context, the Faculty of Science held investigations with three students belonging to the Muslim Brotherhood on the same groundless charges; the students are:

Mohamed Noureddin (First Year Student),

Mohamed Abdul Hamid (Third Year Student)

Sameh Taha (Third Year Student),


No disciplinary board decision regarding them has been issued yet, although they are expected to be dismissed like their fellow students at the Faculty of Pharmacy.


124 Muslim brotherhood students are expected to appear in front of a  disciplinary board under supervision of Dr. Ahmed Al Tayyeb – the president of Al-Azhar University – after receiving the investigation files of the of state security prosecution that demanded imposing tough punishments against them, come to the administration after they were cleared of any criminal liability.