3-Taking a Pause with careful understanding

3-Taking a Pause with careful understanding

Third: The reservoirs established by the group:

  1. For the success of the Islamic project and its extension in various fields, and to employ the energies of society to work in it, the group has established entities or arms for it, which carry part of the project or a field of work and activity.


  1. It is not required for these activities to bear the name of the group.  Examples include: the political arm (or political party) – economic activities – scientific and professional fields and institutions such as unions and so on – schools and universities – media and arts – sports activity…etc.


  1. Anyone who wants to contribute to this will join these reservoirs (man or woman, Muslim or non-Muslim). His joining and participation does not mean that he has become a member of the Brotherhood or that he should support the group in its positions.


  1. The Brotherhood sets clear controls for such reservoirs, including:


  • If the group establishes an entity, it will continue to be affiliated with it, even if indirectly.


  • The directive of the entity should be retained by the group, because it is the one that established it, and assigned its members to work in it, to achieve part of its plan and project.


  • To monitor the performance and activity of its participating members so that they do not deviate from the goal or neglect the performance of their duties.


  • To provide them with the appropriate qualification to achieve the required success, as well as the appropriate education for to attain those qualifications.


  • That the independent space for individuals be defined, as well as the areas of coordination with the group or its other branches, so that conflict and disagreement do not occur.  In addition to their endeavours in developing programs and activities for their field of work.


  1. That the multiplicity of branches does not lead to the fragmentation of the group into separate groups: a da’wah group – a political party – a service association, etc., but rather the group’s entity is one, with one leadership, with its comprehensive vision and methodology for work in all fields. The different entities all work as different parts of the same plan, starting from the group’s reference all the way to its general supervision.  The presence of these branches does not deprive the group of its interest in this field or any other field for that matter.


  1. The formation of these arms and entities are subject to the prevailing law, which regulates their field of work and the conditions for their establishment.