30 Italian organizations join Freedom Flotilla 2

30 Italian organizations join Freedom Flotilla 2

 The humanitarian Freedom Flotilla 2 aid convoy, which is expected to be launched before end of year in an effort to break the four-year long siege on the Gaza Strip, has now been joined by more than 30 civil institutions from Italy.

The European campaign to end the siege on Gaza, one of the fleet’s organizing bodies, said the flotilla’s launch date was postponed due to the large European participant base. 10,000 people have requested to participate in the aid mission so far.

European campaign member Mohammed Hanoun told the Safa news agency that more than 30 civil society institutions and dozens of notable personalities from Italy agreed in a consultative meeting held in Rome to form a committee set to be a link between the European campaign and the Italian public in organizing and preparing the Gaza-bound flotilla.

Many of the participants and media outlets in Italy showed interest in involvement in the upcoming flotilla despite the Israeli massacre that killed nine pro-Palestinian Turks, Hanoun explained.

The newborn committee agreed to hold a series of meetings with Italian politicians to introduce the committee and push for an end to the unjust Gaza blockade.

The European campaign announced earlier that the fleet will have heavy and unprecedented media coverage, in light of the number of its ships and international activists from around the world.

More than 35 media outlets have requested to take part in the effort, the campaign said, adding that the campaign aims to have the most possible media on board to expose any new follies Israel may commit against the international supporters.