30 MB Nominees Win in the Run-off Elections

The MB Achieves Sweeping Victory in Egypt’s Run-offs,

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30 out of 42 candidates of the Moslem Brotherhood win the run-off election of the first phase of the parliamentary election. Thus, the MB obtains 34 seats out of total 164 of this stage, at rate of 20.7%.


In el-Miniya governorate, the MB sweepingly leads where all its nominees, 6, win. In Bany Suaf, 4 MB candidates out of 5 succeed. In el-Monofyia governorate, 9 win, out of 11 nominees. In Cairo, 9 are victorious out of 12 candidates. In Giza, 4 MB nominees out of 12 win. In fact, the Moslem Brotherhood leads the National Democratic Party along with all opposing parties.


The Winner candidates in details:



Ali Fatah el-Bab, in el-Tebeen district

Gamal Hanafy in Miser el-Qadyma district

Magdey Ashour in el-Nozha district

Hazem Farouq in el-Sahel district

Mahmmud Megahd in el-Materia district

Essam Mokhter in Nasser City district



Azab Mustafa in Bander el-Giza district

Ahmed Abduh in Mazkhona district

Gamal Quranyin el-Haumdia district

Mahmmud Amer in Oseem district


3- el-Miniya

Baha’ el-Deen Atyia in Malloy district

Muhammad Abdul Azeem in el-Adoa district

Muhammad el-Katanteny in Bander el-Miniya district

Ibrhem Zanon in Makhakha district

Throuat Abdul Fatah in Matay district

Mousa Ganom in Bany Mazer district


4- Bany Suaf

Abdul Azeem el-Sharquy in Nasser district

Abdul Lateef Qudp in Baba district

Hamdy Zaheer in Bany Suaf district




Abdul Fatah Eid in Monof district

Ragab Abu Zaad in Bander Shpeen el-Koum district

Asherf Bader el-Deen in Ashmon district

Yasser el-Meligy in Astanha district

Essa Abdul Gafar in Quesna district

Yussery Talb and Ali Isma’il in el-Shada’ district

Sabery Amer in Berket el-Sab’ district


6- Assute

Mahmmud Helmy in el-Qusiya district

Abdul Aziz Khalah in e-Fattah district


In addition, four Moslem Brotherhood nominees won in the first phase of the parliamentary election; el-Mohammed Abdul Maqsud, in Helwan district, Adel Hamed in el-Saidia Zeinab district, Muhammad Shaker in el-Wasty district, Saad Hussein in el-Batoon. 




In Abdeen district, of Cairo, the voting count shows the Moslem Brotherhood nominee, Gamal Hanafy, obtaining 4271 votes.

In district no.22 Misr Alqadema , of Cairo, the Moslem Brotherhood nominee, Yussery Bayoumy, achieves a victory over the National Democratic Party candidate, Mokhter Saad.

In Nozha and Marg district ,south of cairo Magdi Ashor the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In teben and 15 may district Ali fath Albab the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In sahel Hazem Farouk the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Matareyah an Ein Shams Mahmoud Megahed the Moslem Brotherhood nominee 

2- Giza:

In Giza district, the MB candidate, Mustafa Azab, defeats the NDP nominee, Mahrus Sha’roy.

Mazghonah district Ahmad Abdo Shabon the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
Hawamdeyah Gamal Qoraney the Moslem Brotherhood nominee

3- Monofeyah

In Ashmon district, of Monofiya governorate, Asherf Bader, the MB candidate succeeds
In estanha Yaser Hamoud Elmelegy the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Qwesna Essa Abd Alghafar the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Shohada Yosrey Teaelab the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Shohada Aly Ismael Too the Moslem Brotherhood nominee

4- Bany Sewef

 In Nasser district, of Bany Suaf governorate, Abdul Azeem el-Sherquy, the MB nominee wins
In Beeba dist. Abd Latef Qotb the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Markaz Hamdy Zahran the Moslem Brotherhood nominee

5- Menia

In Bander el-Miniya, Muhammad el-Kata’ny, the MB candidate is victorious. In Makhakha district, the MB nominee, Ibraheem Zanon, wins
In Malawey Baha DeAtia the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Edwa Mohammed Abd ALazem Aly the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Maghagha Ibrahem Zanon the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Matay Tharwat Abd Alfatah Aly the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In Bany Mazar Musa Ghanom the Moslem Brotherhood nominee

5- Asuot

 In Koseya Mahmod Abd Mnem Aly the Moslem Brotherhood nominee
In fath Abd Alazez Khalaf the Moslem Brotherhood nominee

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