• Iraq
  • October 9, 2007
  • 2 minutes read

300 Iraqi Scientists Martyred, 3000 Migrated After Occupation: Parliament Committee Chief

300 Iraqi Scientists Martyred, 3000 Migrated After Occupation: Parliament Committee Chief

Dr. Alaa Makki, chairman of the education committee in Iraqi parliament, confirmed that more than 300 Iraqi scientists have been gunned down by armed militias and death squads and more than 3000 Iraqi scientists migrated.

Makki said in a statement to Ikhwanweb:” We have accurate figures about all professors who were killed, kidnapped and professors who were forced to leave Iraq.”

“I think that there is a plan for targeting Iraqi professors, scientists and intellectuals. Reviewing the list of the professors who were targeted, we can notice that they include rare specialists in their fields, very prominent doctors, physicists and intellectuals up to 300 in all specializations including economy, Arabic literature, history, engineering, physics and chemistry” said Makki .

These great scientists and professors have no personal enmity. Most of the victims are specialized in Arabic, literature, specialists in fractures, internal medicine and physics. 300 professors have migrated, a figure which may be less than the actuall number. This actually took place gradually. This migration has been going on during the previous regime as professors were harassed and they were given lower salaries but this migration has sharply doubled after the US-led invasion of Iraq and toppling the regime, Makki said a member of parliament for the Iraqi Accordance Front.

Asked whether there is a plan for curbing terrorist operations targeting schools and professors, Makki said:” We have put many plans to protect educational environment including universities and schools, especially during exams. We declared about this in satellite channels. We took part in the law enforcement plan and we took part in the plans of the multinational forces and the Interior Ministry and we helped teachers and professors to protect places in which exams are held, professors, exam observers and students.

Some students have been kidnapped and some facilities have been attacked but such violations haven”t disappointed us. We witness this year a relatively better semester as much as the security situation is concerned. There will be a better university and school attendance and we hope the results will be better than last year”s, god willing” said the Iraqi MP.