• March 17, 2007
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39 Students Dismissed From Ain Shams’ Education, Arts

39 Students Dismissed From Ain Shams’ Education, Arts

Ain Shams University continues its escalations against Muslim Brotherhood (MB) students as it dismissed this week dozens of MB students on charge of organizing the elections of the free student union, which the students established after striking the names of MB candidates off the student union elections while keeping only names of the National Democratic Party backed students and state security backed students !!.
The Faculty of Arts

The board of the Faculty of Arts, Ain Shams University, issued a decision of dismissing 10 female students for a month because their participating and organizing the free student union after transferring them to a disciplinary board; this decision included also 11 MB students.
The MB dismissed students are:

Ahmed Mesbah Hussein, fourth year- Hebrew department

Ahmed Abdul Rahman Youssef, fourth year- Arabic department

Mohamed Mamdouh Hussein, fourth year- Arabic department,

Bilal Mohamed Hassan, first year, Arabic department,

Mahmoud Mohamed Al Deeb, third year- Hebrew department

Ismail Qasem Kabrit, third year- geography department,

Mohamed Solaiman Mohamed, fourth year- Arab department,

Bassem Sobhi, third year- geography department

Hassan Mohamed Al Sayed, fourth group – psychology department),

Iasmail Khattab, third year- psychology department,

Omar Mohamed Shabaka, third year- Arabic department.

As for the dismissed female students, they are:

Sabrin Maher Fahmi, fourth group – Arabic department,

Sahar Gamal Abdul Fattah, third year- psychology department,

Marwa Youssef Mohamed, third year- psychology department,

Menna Ali Mohamed, third group- department of eastern languages,

Asmaa Hossam El-Din, third year- Arabic department,

Heba Zakariya Abdul Moeti, second year- department of eastern languages,

Noura Mohamed Hassan, fourth group – psychology department,

Asmaa Hussein, fourth year- history department,

Rasha Ibrahim Sayed, third year – philosophy department,

Asmaa Mohamed Farrag, fourth year – psychology department.

The female students denounced the decision and described it as unjust; student Menatullah said: We organized a free student union after our names were struck off the election lists and were prevented from participating in the official union?!!.
The Faculty of Education

In the Faculty of Education: four students were dismissed for a month after appearing before a disciplinary board on charge of doing student

activities that included defending Al Aqsa Mosque; the dismissed students are:

Abdul Rahman Mohamed Abdul Rahman (fourth year, mathematics department),

Mohamed Mohamed Abdul Gawaad (fourth year, history department),

Ahmed Mohamed Saleh (second year, mathematics department)

Mohamed Mostafa Ahmed (fourth year, mathematics department).
Also, 14 students from the same faculty were dismissed for periods ranging between a week and a month upon a decision from the faculty dean, without facing any investigation or disciplinary board.
The dismissed students in the Faculty of Education are:

Abdul Rahman Al Sayed (fourth year, mathematics department),

Mamdouh Fathi (third year, mathematics department),

Mohamed Wafik (third year, mathematics department),

Alaa Ahmed (first year, English mathematics department),

Badawi Zeidan (fourth year, department of Arabic and Islamic studies),

Mahmoud Mohamed Ali (third year, department of Arabic and Islamic studies), Mahmoud Shehata (third year, department of Arabic and Islamic studies),

Mohamed Ahmed (second year, department of Arabic and Islamic studies),

Mohamed Sabri (Fourth year, English department),

Moataz Saleh (third, English department),

Mohamed Imam (third year, English department),

Ehab Fekri (third year, English department),

Ibrahim Hilal (second year, English department),

Muhammad Ali (third year, geography department).
Justice Backs Students of Faculty of Engineering
In the Faculty of Engineering five dismissed students received a judicial ruling that overturns the decision of dismissing them for a month after they filed a lawsuit gainst the dean of the faculty and the president of the University; the judge said in his ruling that what the students did doesn’t require a dismissal for a month, and the decision is exaggerated.
The students who received the ruling are: Abdullah Sayed, Mahmoud Mostafa Maamoun, Hussein Al-Gammal, Hassan Ezzuddin Ali, Hossamuddin Mohamed Badawi.
A lawsuit will be heard on Sunday March, 18, 2007, in the State Council against the dean of the Faculty of Law and the president of the university; it was filed by 12 students who were dismissed for a full term.