• MB News
  • April 7, 2007
  • 6 minutes read

4 Al Fayyum MBs Arrested Again

The State Security Police in Al Fayyum, west of Cairo, issued arrest warrants against four Muslim Brotherhood leaders, after Al Fayyum Criminal Court acquitted them along with other five others.
The State Security Police released three days ago five of the nine detainees and promised to release of the other four several days later, but it suddenly issued an arrest warrant and moved them from the prison of the security units where there were held for eight days after the court acquittal.
The detainees are:
1- Ahmed Ibrahim Bayyoumi, accountant
2- Ayman Qorani, court employee
3- Saad Mahmoud, Manager at the Irrigation Ministry in Al Fayyum
4-Gamal Abdul Fattah, General manager of the water facility in Etsa

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