• March 5, 2007
  • 3 minutes read

4 Damanhur MBs Arrested

4 Damanhur MBs Arrested

Egyptian security forces raided houses of six Muslim Brotherhood members in Damanhur on Sunday and arrested four of them.
The State Security Police forces raided on Sunday houses of six Muslim Brotherhood members in Damanhur, El-Behera (northwest of Cairo),  arresting four of them while the two others weren’t at home when the raids took place.
The detainees are :

– Ahmed Hunduq

– Hussein Ghaniya

– Eng. Hisham Al Moghazi

– Eng. Haitham Labada


While the security forces didn’t find:

-Khaled Al Shaer

-Ahmed Etman .
This fresh sweep is part of the escalation that the Egyptian autocratic regime is launching against the national effective powers opposing president Mubarak proposed constitutional amendments that set the scene for the scenario of Tawreeth (heridatory transfer of rule from Mubarak Sr. to Mubarak Jr.); this escalation started last Dec., 14, 2006 with arresting eng. Khairat Al Shater, the deputy chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood, the biggest opposition group in the Egyptian parliament. It also extended to include many MB leaders and members nationwide, the latest of which was on Sunday in the governorates of Alexandria, Monofiya and Al Behera .
 For his part, Dr. Gamal Heshmat, a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Damanhur, said that these detentions are part of an ongoing unjustified crackdown against the group’s leaders and members nationwide.
Heshmat, a previous member of parliament, pointed out that this crackdown aims at causing confusion inside the Muslim Brotherhood to curb or even stop its activities while the regime is ratifying the constitutional amendments and the file of Tawreeth for Mubarak Jr..
Heshmat expected that this campaign may continue and increase during the coming period with the approach of the referendum on the constitutional amendments that aim also at completely sidelining the Muslim Brotherhood and other opposition powers in the Egyptian political scene.