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  • October 6, 2008
  • 2 minutes read

4 MB Leaders Detained, 15 Imprisoned

4 MB Leaders Detained, 15 Imprisoned


Egyptian security authorities detained Dr.  Abd El-Rahman El-Barr (Professor of Hadith at Al-Mansoura University) and two others on Sunday night, October 5.  A large number of his books and tapes in addition to his personal equipment were seized.  In a statement to Ikhwanweb, El-Barr’s wife explained that security forces stormed their house at 4 PM in more than ten vans provoking our fear, especially the children’s, and left after 5 hours, pointing out that the 2 other detainees, Waleed Bakr Mustafa (from Bani Suev) and Khaled (from Cairo), were El-Barr’s guests, in addition to Hasan Abd El-Hady who was arrested in Menoufiyya and joined them in the central police camp in Mansoura.


In a different context, the Dakheela prosecution sentenced 15 MB leaders in Alexandria to 15 days of precautionary imprisonment and held them for further investigations on charges of affiliation with an illegal organization and carrying papers propagating its ideology with the intention of taking advantage of Al-Jazeerah School incident to stir public opinion.


The 15 arrested were: Nasser Kamel, Mohamed Salem, and Mamdouh Hussein from ’Agami; Salah Madani, Mohamed Hafidh, Sa’eed Abdul-Fattah, and Mas’oud Gaber from Sidi Bishr;  Tal’at Fahmi, Owner of Al-Jazeerah School, from Sidi Gaber; Hosni Gabriel, Rabi’ Abdul-Qadir, Galal Nada, Ahmed Abdul-Latif, and Mohamed El-Ghanaam from Al-Raml;  Mostafa El-Maddah from ’Asafrah; and Ashraf Abdul-Aziz from Muharram Beik.


Khalaf Bayyoumi, lawyer of the MB in Alexandria, confirmed in earlier statements, that the detainments which include Al-Jazeerah School Owner are an attempt to pressure the MB to step back from the case of Hamada Abdul-Latif who was subjected to brutal torture at the hands of the Lieutenant Colonel Al-Sayyed Mohamed Al-Sayyed ( Deputy Chief of police in Mena El-Basal district) which caused him to suffer quadriplegia.  Bayyoumi said that these detainments were expected under the growing media momentum Hamada’s case was gaining.