4 MBs Running for Municipal Elections From Their Jail Cells

4 MBs Running for Municipal Elections From Their Jail Cells

Four Muslim Brotherhood members announced today their intention to run in the coming municipal elections from their jail cells .

Dr. Ahmed Rami, board member in the Pharmacists’ Syndicate, Gad Mohamed Gad, Mohamed Saad Mansour, and Khaled Abdel-Ba’ei Al-Toukh, were arrested earlier as part of a wide crackdown campaign by Egyptian government against members and sympathizers of Muslim Brotherhood affiliates ahead of the heatedly contested municipal elections on April 8. The four released a statement through their lawyers confirming they were charged by belonging to an illegal organization and helping in the preparation of the upcoming elections under the MB banner .

They added that the charges were politically motivated to deny the MB, the largest political opposition in the country, the opportunity to win any seats in the elections.

 The statement confirmed that despite the regime’s repressive policies against the Muslim Brotherhood; it will not be able to exclude the MB from practicing their own constitutional rights and run in all general elections.

Abdul Moneim Abdul Maqsoud, lead attorney in the defense team, confirmed in a statement to Ikhwanweb that the four Muslim Brotherhood members have the legal right to run in the municipal elections despite of their arrest, adding that “Since they are not referred to a trial or charged with immoral behavior, they have the right to participate in any elections.”

He stated that those imprisoned would go through with the electoral procedures, and in case they were not able to do it, the defense team would go through such procedures for them .

Abdul-Maqsoud confirmed that the daily detentions of the Muslim Brotherhood members would come to an end as soon as the candidates complete the process of fielding themselves in municipal elections