4-Taking a Pause with careful understanding

4-Taking a Pause with careful understanding

Fourth: Islamic and national groups and forces


  1. The group welcomes the existence of all of this, and always seeks cooperation and coordination, even if it is in a subfield, a position, or an activity, while each entity maintains its particularity.


  1. The group distances itself from conflict, but calls everyone to positive action, for in the field of struggle there is room for everyone.


  1. The group works to remove the barriers of division, and hopes that everyone agrees on clear foundations for understanding and action without prejudice to the foundations of the Islamic project presented by the group, and builds trust among them and each entity respects the particularity of the other.


  1. There is no objection to the multiplicity of groups working for Islam, and each one strives as he can.  And we believe that there should be a mechanism for cooperation and coordination, so that we can save efforts, and that the next one builds on the work of the previous one, so that they don’t start from scratch, and that no one considers his work on a part of the Islamic project to represent Islam as a whole, and that there is agreement and unity in goals and vision.  We hope that a day will come when the areas of cooperation with Islamic groups will expand to a kind of unity and coalition, as they are original partners in the Islamic project.


  1. The group establishes controls for its members in their relationship with non-Brotherhood entities, including the good performance of advice, cooperation, and not to be insulting or to look down on anyone even if their work is considered to be of less importance, as well as having an interest in spreading correct Islamic understanding and awareness in an appropriate manner.


  1. The group considers the election mechanism an essential part of the democratic process, and a legal outlet for defining its programmes, goals and symbols. It gives great importance to this process within its capabilities, and sees it as an arena for honourable national competition between practical programs, and not a struggle in which people become hostile and diverge, and it sets specific goals for its participation in this field, and it cooperates with whoever desires to work within the framework of those goals.


In parliamentary life, the group considers that the existence of a strong and correct opposition is an important point for the integrity of the government and its non-deviation or tyranny.