40-day-old Palestinian baby in Israeli jails falls ill

40-day-old Palestinian baby in Israeli jails falls ill

The Nafah society for the defense of human and prisoners” rights was informed by an ex-detainee in Israeli jails that a 40-day-old baby called Youssef Al-Zak was transferred to a clinic in the Israeli Hasharon prison with high temperature.

The society stated that the baby was born in the prison 40 days ago to Fatima Al-Zak, 42, a prisoner in the Hasharon prison who was kidnapped from the Shujaiyeh neighborhood in Gaza eight months ago.

The society pointed that there is another Palestinian baby in the prison called Ghada Abu Omar, a one year old, born to prisoner Khoula Zitawi who was sentenced to two years.

The society appealed to human rights organizations to intervene to rescue the two babies imprisoned with their mothers and to work for the release of more than 400 women and children inside Israeli jails.

The situation for Israeli Arabs is not much better, Israeli Arabs reported that an Israeli police officer in Kfar Saba verbally assaulted two Palestinian young men from the Taiba city and tried to beat them with a baton, but other officers at the police station stopped him. He uttered racist slurs against them like “death to Arabs.”

The police officer took the two young men to the police station for questioning after he found a baton in their car and tried to attack them after he finished his interrogations which last half an hour. The Israeli police justified the officer”s behavior saying that he was under the influence of alcohol.