43 Arrested For Supporting Gaza

43 Arrested For Supporting Gaza

The Anti-Gaza siege campaign resulted in the arrest of 42 persons who were abducted by the state security forces due to participating the campaign calling for the immediate stop of the siege on Gaza Strip.

The detainees are expected to show up before the prosecution today evening according to their home governorates. They belong to many governorates in the country including Bani Sewif (Mohamed Yuosuf Gergawi; senior supervisor on libraries, Ahmad Abdul-Aziz ; fitness teacher, Mohamed Shaker, and Nasser A`shraf Farag). As for Damietta, state security arrested Mohamed El- Mehallawi (cleric at the educational administration).

Those detained from Faiyum are Attef Gumuaa, Ramadan Sadeq, Mohamed Sherif Ghanim, Mahmoud Mahmoud, Mohamed Ulwani, Ali Abdul-Karim, Abdul-Sattar Abdul-Motty, Sayed Saber, Mohamed AbdulMohsin, Khalifa Ebeid, Mohamed Mansour, and internet blogger Mohamed Khairi Gamil.

State security also stormed into the house of Mohamed Hussein and took his PC when they failed to find him at home.
Another nine from Cairo governorate, one from Giza, and other 14 from Port Said governorate were also captured.

Abdul-Monem Abdul-Maqsoud; head of the Brotherhood defence panel, denounced such a heinous round up campaign against activists and said “it is an unjustifiable campaign aiming at delivering a message to the participants of the campaign and even those thinking of supporting Gaza”.

He expects that detainees might face such a silly charge the regime get used to rise against opposition; namely joining the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood group.