43 MBs arrested overnight with the approach of elections

43 MBs arrested overnight with the approach of elections

Once again The government has left no space for citizens and the opposition to express themselves and in this oppressive atmosphere, as the opposition waits for the election period in hope  to present its  programs to the public the ministry of  interior  deprives the opposition of this opportunity by arresting them.
The recent crackdown on Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters in a nationwide sweep took place with the arresting, abducting and detaining of many more MB’s.

Security personnel arrested 6 MB members from Kerdasa who were supporters of Abdul Salam Bashendy after storming their houses at dawn.

The constituency of Ismailia witnessed 33 arrests as MB members were hanging posters for elections also supporting the MB candidate.

Forces also arrested 6 MB’s from Alayat Giza, where Dr. Hossam Shendi was nominated after ransacking their houses.

MB member Dr. Mahmoud Abdul Baqy was abducted from the Sharqeya constituency, while Alexandria’s security abducted MB candidate Bushra Alsamny’s supporter Engineer Essam Abu Haby as he accompanied her during her campaigning.

Two more MB’s were arrested from Monofeya after accompanying MB candidate Abdul Fattah Eid during his propaganda campaign.
 This is not the first violation committed by the ministry of the interior against the opposition prior to public or presidential elections. The ministry of the interior has become accustomed to launching  a harsh crackdown on the Muslim Brotherhood  thus extinguishing the hope for fair elections that are a reflection of the people’s will.