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  • July 2, 2008
  • 7 minutes read

4500 Workers Strike in Al Nasr Textile Company, Alex

4500 Workers Strike in Al Nasr Textile Company, Alex

More than 4500 workers from Al Nasr Textile Company in Alexandria (capo) embarked on an open strike Tuesday leading to a stoppage in all production units.

They striked within the company to protest management policies, the low level of wages and incentives, the deterioration of services, and not receiving dividends for more than three years.

The workers demanded an increase in their salaries including the 30%  pay rise promised for all state employees, an increase in the meal allowance from 43 pounds to 90 pounds.

There was a massive security presence in the company for fear of a protest by workers in the streets.

The second shift workers joined their colleagues after all attempts to reassure workers and calm them failed. Workers Union leaders moved to the company”s headquarters and several members of the parliament and local council to discuss the demands of the workers after their refusal to resume work until they obtain all their rights.

Members of the union of the company threatened to submit the resignation of the company collectively and in solidarity with workers if the company”s management does not respond to the legitimate demands of the workers.

In a statement to Ikhwanweb, Salah Abo Deif Chairman of the association has warned against the lack of response to the demands of the workers and of workers joining the rest of the companies to their colleagues.

He also called for the intervention of the Minister of Manpower to study the conditions of workers and their demands and improve all services provided to them before they escalate things, especially after the explosion of the situation in more than one company.

It is noteworthy that the governorate of Alexandria and the rest of other provinces have witnessed numerous demonstrations and sit-ins to protest their lost rights and the deterioration of services provided to them as well as low income levels.