46 MB Students Investigated, Other Six Expelled

46 MB Students Investigated, Other Six Expelled

In continuation of the sufferings the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated students face at their universities, certain administrations of the Egyptian universities referred 39 MB students to investigations on the same silly charges.

Pharmacy faculty at Asyut University investigated seven Brotherhood students on charges of distributing guiding and educational CDs as well as other nine ones for delivering a welcome speech and distributing “exam models directory” among their fellow students. The same faculty referred four students on Thursday to disciplinary boards after the insults and outrages they received from the faculty”s dean.

At the Law School of the same university, four MB students were probed for distributing “lecture schedule” to their fellows. Further, Abu Bakr Mohamed Yusuf was both investigated and dismissed for a month.

As for the faculty of Commerce, three students were also probed for distributing “lecture schedule”; they are Mohamed Radi, Ibrahim Ahmad Abdul Maougud, and Khalaf Shaban.

Engineering faculty referred Suhaib Muddathir to probes for applying for Students” Union election.

In Cairo University, 12 male MB students and other MB female students were probed on charges of reciting the Glorious Quran inside the classrooms, sticking posters of Quranic verses and Prophetic Hadiths, and distributing religious messages among students inside the mosque of the faculty. Those students include Sayed Saad, Ali Salah, Ibrahim Khamis, Ahmad Abdul Alim, Alaa Sayed Marouf, Mohamed El Husseini, Abdullah Ibrahim El Mekkawi, Mahmoud Badawi, Ahmad Darwish, Ali Salah, Omar Gamal El Usouli, and Ahmad Amin. Those referred to investigations from the University of Cairo mounted 218 students.

In Faiyum University, six MB students were dismissed for a week due to distributing chocolate among new comers; they are Mohamed Mahrous Ragab, Hisham Saber, El Mutassim Billah Yusuf, Ali Raghib Tawfiq, Amr Mahmoud, and Khalid Ali.