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  • April 6, 2007
  • 4 minutes read

5 Al Fayyum MBs Released

Egyptian authorities released on Wednesday evening 5 Muslim Brotherhood detainees from Al Fayyum; they have reached their homes:
 Mohamed Radwan Ahmed, an accountant at taxation authority)
Mohamed Hashem Hassan, a treasurer at the technicians Syndicate
Ahmed Fouad Beltagi, a radiologist
Mahmoud Sayed Abdul Razek, a teacher
Azmi Ahmed Abdul Tawwab
The number of Muslim Brotherhood detainees in Al Fayyum were ten; Mostafa Atiya was released for health reasons; Al Fayyum Criminal Court acquitted for the second time in 24 hours and ordered a final release for 8 of the Muslim Brotherhood detainees; the consultation chamber of Al Fayyum court acquitted the eight detainees and canceled Al Fayyum prosecution’s decision of prolonging their jail for 15 days; however, the prosecution challenged the court ruling and an urgent court session was fixed on the second day morning without informing families of the detainees, but the Criminal Court issued its great ruling of upholding the ruling of the consultation chamber and ordered the detainees released immediately.
The State Security Police is still holding:

Ahmed Ibrahim Bayyoumi, accountant at Mallahat company
Gamal Abdul Fattah, manager of the drinking waters facility at Etsa
Ayman Qorani Mohamed, an employee at Bandar Al Fayyum prosecution
Saad Mahmoud, a general manager at the ministry of irrigation
It’s worth mentioning that the Egyptian government has stepped up its media and security crackdown the Muslim Brotherhood during the past two months; they arrested more than 350 Muslim Brotherhood to pressure on the group ahead of the coming Shura Council elections and to curb its opposition to the constitutional amendments which have been strongly rejected by all parties, political powers and civil society organizations in Egypt.

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