• March 8, 2007
  • 2 minutes read

5 Ismailia MBs Released, 2 Jailed

5 Ismailia MBs Released, 2 Jailed

The prosecution released on Tuesday five owners of Islamic bookstores after they were arrested last Sunday by the security forces accompanied by copyright police forces on Sunday.

The detainees included a salesgirl working at one of the bookstores.

The prosecution jailed two others for four days: Ahmed Eliwa, from the city of Ismailia, and Osama Abbas, from Serapeum.

These crackdowns are actually confined to Islamic bookstores owned by Muslim Brotherhood members.

It is worth mentioning that the officer in the security department demanded, in return for releasing the salesgirl without obliging her to spend the night inside prison, that the owner of the bookstore surrenders because they didn’t find him during the crackdown. When the owner of the bookstore surrendered, expecting that the salesgirl will be released, the office refused to release her and said verbatim:” No one should believe what a police officer says”?!!.

The salesgirl was jailed among criminals and was released on the second day at 12.00PM when she lost hope that she will be released.