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  • May 28, 2007
  • 6 minutes read

5 Kafr Al-Sheikh MBs Detained, Dozens Houses Raided

 Egyptian security forces are still harassing people and MB candidates ahead of the Shura Council elections to allow the ruling NDP candidates to unjustly win these elections.
Kafr El Sheikh Security forces detained Muslim Brotherhood (MB) leaders in Al Hamul on Saturday evening:
Eng. Hassan Eweis, 52 years, agronomist and MB leader
Mohsen Mokhtar Hegazi, 52 years, social studies instructor and MB leader .
The forces raided also houses of MB member and supporters of MB candidates in the Shura Council elections:
Mohamed Omar Bilal, from Al Hamul
Al Sayed Diodar, from Al Hamul
Walid Shawqi, from Baltym
Wasfi Hegazi, from Baltym
Abdul Sattar Mowafi, from Baltym
Sabri Ayyad, from Baltym
Ali Youssef, from Riyadh.
Patrols of policemen toured all Kafr Al-Sheikh streets to arrest supporters of the MB candidates. Policemen confronted a car belonging to the MB candidate, Ashraf Al Sayyed, and they wanted to detain those inside the care with him. However, the MB candidate insisted on not leaving them and after some phone calls the police took only their IDs.
A state of anger is overshadowing Kafr El Sheikh after members of the National Democratic Party (NDP) detained, accompanied by state security forces, Muslim Brotherhood members, and the same happened in the village of Al Manawfa. The village chief Ahmed Al Shahat detained MB member Mohamed Saqr and held him in the house of Anis Mandour, NDP member, till the security forces detained him. His family is making efforts to get him released, specially that his wedding is next week .
Based on a tip from an NDP member, the security forces arrestedAli Al Sheshtawi at 7.00AM on Sunday from his village, Al Hamul, and detained Hamdein Shalabi from his work place in Baltym.
The security forces have been hunting another number of Muslim Brotherhood members in their houses, work places and in streets. Checkpoints are installed 100 metres apart, and detectives are waiting for them in front of their houses throughout the 24 hours.
State security officer Yasser Al-Hajj obstructed a car carrying members of a conflict resolution committee who were going to solve a conflict between two families in Al Hamul. The main reason for stopping them was that a Muslim Brotherhood figure, Abdullah Hendawi, was among them. A police unit searched the car and seized the driver’s licence and ID!!
In the same context, the state security forces in Kafr El Sheikh prevented Dr. Al Ghobashi Al-Atawi and Ashraf Al Sayyed, MB candidates in the Shura Council elections, from meeting people in their election hustings. 3 central security trucks remained in the district of Bella to prevent any gathering. The security forces chased people and dispersed them.

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