5-Taking a Pause with careful understanding

5-Taking a Pause with careful understanding

Brief definition

The paths of action in the Islamic project

The Islamic project presented by the Muslim Brotherhood is a project based on a moderate and integrated understanding, and that the work in it is comprehensive in all fields (cultural, social, political, etc.), and that governance and government are an essential part of this project.

The Brotherhood’s program to achieve this relies on following foundational axes:

  1. The axis of introducing the spread of the concepts and values ​​of Islam and entrenching them in the hearts of people, and winning them over in favour of the Islamic idea through a comprehensive understanding of it.


  1. The axis of education and training, with the general education of the people on the morals, values ​​and principles of Islam, as well as the education of the supporters of the call and members of the group, extensive education in all its required dimensions;  A generation raised on Islam, holding fast to it, and sacrificing for its sake.


  1. The axis of the constitutional struggle and the political struggle is to achieve the hopes and aspirations of the people for freedom and democracy, to preserve their rights, to put forward the programs they need, for the people to unite and support the group in this field, for its presence to be influential in political forums and institutions, and its movement in the street against oppression and the oppressors, to be a peaceful revolutionary movement in all respects, without bloodshed, sabotage or aggression.


  1. The axis of the formation of ‘pillars’ in the various executive institutions, and their  possession of the necessary skills and required information that society and the state need in its renaissance.


  1. The axis of charity and public service, which helps to cure many of the problems of society, advances the process of reform and paves the way for radical change.

Imam al-Banna called some of these last axes the “axis of implementation”, and they go together hand in hand.

Therefore, the possession of the cornerstone of governance or the alignment of the executive authority to implement Islamic Sharia is not established through a coup, or merely the arrival of an Islamic party to the seat of power and presidency. It is necessary to prepare society, change its climate and deepen its connection to Islam based on a correct understanding thereof and conviction therein. An Islamic generation must be formed to be the base from which the Islamic system of government will rise, a generation that will adhere to it, defend it, bear its burdens, and possess the necessary foundations on which it is built: That of freedom, true independence, and liberation from any foreign authority.

It is necessary to possess the perception of reforming the government in order for it to be truly Islamic, as well as possessing the ability to monitor and hold it accountable, and even depose it and expel it if it deviates, in accordance with the correct constitutional mechanisms to which the ruler is subject.

And because the stimulus and motivation that makes the Muslim move and carry this Islamic project, is a devotional one, for the sake of Almighty Allah, it is a discharge of duty, and a fulfilment of obligation, which is done by raising the word of Allah, and establishing his religion on earth. The message that individuals gather around, the idea and the approach that they work for is the axis of their coming together, and everyone is equally responsible for its upkeep, and if everyone abandons it and it remains alone, it will continue to carry the flag, adhering to it and expressing it.

And therefore; not one person or group shall have any special consideratio, nor shall any person represent the axis of the group or its message.

The extent of the individual’s adherence and work for the message and the call shall determine their place and position in the convoy of the call and its responsibilities.

And may Allah have mercy on those who say: You are not a political party, a charitable association, or a topical body with specific purposes. All of these are just means.

And because collective action must have organization, institutions, and regulations that individuals adhere to; in order for it to be effective, as well as being able to implement its plans and achieve its goals, organization has become an important necessity, and an obligatory and binding matter, for whoever accepts the understanding and conviction to be within that organization and that group. 

Its institutions and regulations have come, whilst defining rights and duties, to be the mechanism for selecting leaders, the mechanism for adopting decisions, and the mechanism of review, development or amendment, whether for regulations or plans.

However, the higher goals and the message that was established to achieve them remain the constants, the starting point, and the rule that governs all and dominates the group.

Allah is The Greatest and all praise and thanks is due to Him.