• October 29, 2006
  • 2 minutes read

520 MB Candidates Denied Right To Run For Unions Elections

520 MB Candidates Denied Right To Run For Unions Elections

In continuation of its crackdown against the Muslim Brotherhood to prevent its candidates from standing for the upcoming Workers’ Union election, the security authorities in the Upper Egyptian governorate of Assiut held three MB candidates, confiscating the application of one of them and denying them access to the Assiut Directorate of Manpower and Immigration to complete the paperwork to run for the elections.

Using a new tactic, the state security agencies tried desperately to tempt several MB candidates to drop their candidacy promising them financial incentives and lucrative jobs, and threatening them if they reject these offers.

The security authorities in Assiut also summoned a brother of a MB candidate and threatened that they will arrest him if his brother stands for the election.

 So far, over 520 MB candidates have been denied to obtain needed documents to complete the paperwork required to run for the labor union elections, including 100 in Dakahlya, 90 in Cairo, 90 in Gharbya, 60 in Behyra, 25 in Sohag, 15 in Bany Sweef, while Minya, Suez, and Fayoom had 5 each. The upcoming election also lacks judiciary oversight, which could give way to vote rigging and other irregularities.

 It is noted that the Muslim Brotherhood has come under a government repressive campaign to prevent its candidates from participating in any election especially after the landslide win which the group attained in the recent parliament election, reaping 88 seats or 20% of the total seats of parliament, a percentage which all official parties combined have failed to reach throughout their history in political life.