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  • September 24, 2008
  • 5 minutes read

600 Students Protest Against Assaulting Their Female Colleague

600 Students Protest Against Assaulting Their Female Colleague

Ain Shams University witnessed on Thursday a sit-in organized by 600 students in the Faculty of engineering before the office of Dean of the Faculty Dr. Hadia Al Henawi to protest against the security confrontation with one of Muslim Brotherhood female students “Menna” and accusing her of stealing a student.


The supervisor guard of female students abused Menna, while the security officer grabbed her arm to ban her from entering to the dean of the faculty, grabbed her by force to the security office, treated her rudely as he grabbed her from her bag and veil, seized her money pocket and her college ID card. After she asked for the help of her colleges, they demonstrated in a protest against the security ill-treatment, then the officer left her.

Students also protested against the methodology used with them since the beginning of the school year in terms of self-inspection procedures for female students by female guards, and for male students by college Guard officers, and that the situation that the student “Menna” was exposed to, was the fourth of its kind since the beginning of the school year last Saturday September 20.

Seven members of the faculty staff united in solidarity with the students; including Dr. Mustafa Abdul Khaliq, both of Dr.Mustafa Zidane, Deputy Dean of Higher Studies and Research, Dr. Ibrahim Shaker, Deputy Dean for Education and Students Affairs, Dr. Abdullah Al Marhoumy, head of Mechanics Department, Dr. Osama Abdul Moein, head of  Mechanical Power Department.

The Dean of faculty promised students to refer the officer to investigation and to transfer the supervisor guard of students to another College.


The students demanded to aggravate the matter to Dr. Ahmed Zaki Badr, Ain Shams University President, and to Dr. Hani Helal, Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, threatening of aggravating the matter in case of defaulting what the Dean promised.