• March 6, 2007
  • 3 minutes read

7 Ismailia MBs Arrested

7 Ismailia MBs Arrested

The State Security Police arrested last Sunday at night seven owners of book stores in Ismailia, as part of the Egyptian regime’s unjustified escalation against the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), the biggest opposition group in parliament.

The detainees are :

-Ahmed Eliwa .

-Mohamed Farhan .

-Hisham Abbas .

-Medhat Madian

-Mahmoud Nagm .

-Mohamed Al Sarfi .

This crackdown amid sweeps of arrests that included governorates of Alexandria, Monofiya, Al Behera in addition Ismailia.

These crackdowns started last Dec., 14, 2006 with arresting Eng. Khairat Al Shater, the Muslim Brotherhood deputy chairman, and other MB leaders.

For his part, Sabri Khalafallah, an MP in the the People’s Assembly (lower chamber of parliament) for Ismailia, that these detentions are part of the ongoing battle against the Islamic movement and the Egyptian opposition and to prevent them from carrying out any activities against the proposed constitutional amendments .

Khalafallah added that the Egyptian regime is deals with the opposition according to the principle of “To be or not to be”, although every country should have an opposition to complete its political structure.