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  • March 24, 2007
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7 Monofiya MBs Arrested After 2 Court Acquittals

Egyptian State Security Police rearrested 7 MB members although the court ordered them released twice.
The State Security Police in Monofiya, north of Cairo, issued an arrest warrant against 7 Muslim Brotherhood (MB) members and they were sent to Wadi Natroun prison 2, although the court ordered them released twice.
The court released them first on Monday March, 12, 2007 on 5000 pounds bail, but the state security prosecution challenged the ruling; then they appeared again on Wednesday March, 14, 2007, Shibin Al Kawm Criminal Court which ordered them released again because there is no evidence on prosecution claims except for the state security investigations which are always groundless, specially that the detainees are prominent and well-known figures.
The detainees were released from Burj Al-Arab prison and held in Shibin Al Kawm state security building until another an arrest warrant was issued against them on Friday March, 23, 2007, and they were sent to Wadi Natroun prison 2.
The seven MB detainees are:
 Dr. Abdullah Al Nahhas (Shibin Al Kawm)
Dr. Gamal Khalifa (Al-Shuhadaa)
Dr. Fathi Tawfik (Minuf)
Eng. Saad Abul Anin (Shibin Al Kawm district)
Eng. Fathi Abdul Ghani (El Bajour)
Dr. Mostafa Al-Halawani (Al-Shuhadaa)
Dr. Ahmed Shahin (the Birket El-Sabe)
For his part, eng. Fathi Shehabuddin, a Muslim Brotherhood leader in Monofiya told Ikhwanweb that:” Defying court rulings of acquitting MB detainees is the adopted policy of the current repressive regime .
Shehab Al-Din pointed out that there have been many court rulings of releasing but the state security service ignored them and issued arrest warrants, to confirm that the Egyptian regime does not care for court rulings unless they are meeting its autocratic policy .

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