• March 11, 2007
  • 4 minutes read

7 Students Dismissed, 6 Denied Exams in Al-Azhar University

7 Students Dismissed, 6 Denied Exams in Al-Azhar University

Al-Azhar University administration  issued decisions of dismissing seven Muslim Brotherhood students and denying six others access to exams.


Al-Azhar University administration continues its campaign of intimidating Al-Azhar students affiliated to the Muslim Brotherhood (MB); the administration dismissed, on Thursday, seven students and denied six others access to second term exams, on groundless and fabricated charges and after instructions from the security services in the university.


The released students were denied access to the students dormitory ’Al-Safa’ even for restoring their belongings which they have left inside the building since they were arrested.


The Faculty of Education, Al-Azhar University, dismissed three students: Salah Ahmed Abdul Halim Al-Askari (Third year- history dept.), Hassaan Mohamed Awwad (fourth year- mathematics dept.), and Bilal Al Sayyed Al Ghrabli (fourth year- mathematics dept.) .


The Faculty of Education decided also to deny six others access to the second term exams, while it will see the cases of other 11 students this week, and is expected to meet the state security instructions and issue the maximum punishment against MB students and any political opposition inside Al-Azhar University .


In the Faculty of Science, Al-Azhar University, two students were dismissed: Mohamed Abdul Hamid Ibrahim (third year- botany dept.) and Sameh Taha Mohamed (third year- zoology dept.), and a notice was sent a third student according to orders of the State Security Service as one of these state security elements took part in the groundless investigations; all these punishments were issued because the students distributed sweet among their colleagues in the faculty at the beginning of the new term, while the Islamic Sharia faculty decided to dismiss two of its students without any specific charge except for its ideological opposition to the current tyrannical regime.


A student source stated that the university administration continues its aggravating campaign against any opposition to the Egyptian regime, specially the Muslim Brotherhood affiliates; he said that the university policy confirms that the security instructions aim, this time, at eradicating the strongest opposition front among students in Egypt, through responding to any spontaneous activity with dismissal or denying access to exams; the source pointed out that the state of panic and intimidation which is spreading due to the inflexible measures of the administration against the students may lead to serious and disastrous consequences.


In a related context, Al-Azhar university denied 124 students, who have been recently released, access to the university dorm., particularly Al-Safa building in the Seventh District, from which they were detained three months ago after performing am athletic display protesting at dismissing eight of their colleagues who participated in the Free Student Union of Al-Azhar.


A delegation from the students met Dr. Ahmed Al Tayyeb, the University President, and asked him to allow them to return to the dormitory; however, Al Tayyeb rejected the students’ appeal, and he even denied them access to the security forces cordoned dorm to restore their belongings, including clothes, blankets and textbooks; he added that their cases are referred to a central disciplinary board in the university and that any one of them who receives a dismissal or denied access to exams will never live in the dorm. regardless of their innocence or academic superiority!!