70% of Juveniles in Detention Centers Are Molested

Human Rights Association for Legal Assistance conducted a study, entitled ’Under Custody.’ The survey included 104 children from different geographical zones of Cairo, Alex and el-Mania, of Upper Egypt. The findings showed an increase in the rate of delinquent juveniles; 50% in Cairo, 38% in Alex, 12% el-Mania, and 10% in other collective governorates. Under-study teenagers are living in poor slums. 30% of them lack the presence of fathers while 15% miss their mothers. Their sustainers are of socially lower occupations that provide hand-to-mouth life. 82% of in-question teenagers previously joined schools wile 18% did not. The economical element is the operative force behind leaving schools in most cases.    
Besides, the survey indicated that 38% of delinquent children have one of their family members who has been committed to prison. Charges facing juveniles vary; theft, taking drugs, and possessing light weapons. On these charges, delinquents spent a week or two in jail. 85% of imprisoned teenagers are subject to torture: beating with hands, swords, sticks, and electricity are used to make them confess.
In jails, 70% of children are prone to sexual harassment and rape. After being released, they suffer from psychological complexes, accordingly. In addition, teenagers are engaged into severe quarrels with adult jailers leading to injuries of 41% of them. Death rate, among juveniles, jumps to 30% due to the absence of medical care insides prisons.