8 Arrested, Shops Raided in Al Fayyum

The Egyptian regime has maintained its series of security repression. A security force, authorized by the departments of subsidies, power and state security, raided many shops belonging to supporters of  Othman Diab, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate running for the Shura Council midterm elections. Streets of Al-Sufi district, Bandar Al Fayyum and district of Etsa were dotted with military barracks as heavy security forces raided the Muslim Brotherhood’s shops and seized goods and other contents.
These heavy forces removed and tore posters of the election campaign of the Muslim Brotherhood candidate. Workers in these shops were beaten in addition to shutting the shops whose owners were taken to an unidentified location. Al-Badr clock shop was shut down and its owner, Mahmoud Fawzy was arrested. In the village of Menyat Al-Heit, Anwar Salama’s furnishings shop was assaulted and its contents were seized. In the village of Tatoun, huge amounts of white cement were taken from the village. This unjustified sabotage was accompanied by a sweep of arrests against supporters of MB
The detainees are :

– Mohamed Fawzi
– Adel Al Sayed Desouki
 – Mohamed Ahmed Qotb
– Roubi Abdul Aziz
– Kilani Omar Hashem
– Hani Khairallah
– Mohamed Mostafa Ramadan
– Mohamed Ragab

It is worth mentioning that the state security in Al Fayyum has summoned some MB candidates and threatened them several times in case they go ahead in their election bids.

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