80 MB Student In Disciplinary Boards Of Zagazig University

80 MB Student In Disciplinary Boards Of Zagazig University

Zagazig University administration has referred about 80 MB students to investigations and disciplinary boards in just a week, ikhwanweb reporter stated.

 Faculty of Arts received the largest number of investigations, where about 35 students were referred to investigations, while in Faculty of Commerce 29 students and other two female students were referred to investigations, three students from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, two students from Faculty of Computer Science, and seven students from Faculty of Education, and they are ” Ibrahim Al Shawadfy Mohamed (in fourth year,  Philosophy and Sociology Department), Ahmed Abdu Mohamed (fourth year, Mathematics), Alaa Mansour Mohamed (fourth year, Geography), Islam Ahmad Mohamed (third year, English) Mahmoud Mohamed Mohamed (second year, History), Saad Ahmed Al Sayed (first year, Physics) and Al Laithi Al Sayed Abdul-Sadek (first year, History). ”

While in Faculty of Engineering six students were referred to disciplinary boards, and they are ” Mohamed Mareiy Salem (fourth year, Mechanical Engineering), Mohamed Abdul Moneim Shaltout (fourth year, Electrical Engineering), Mahmoud Mohamed Ghoneim (third year, Mechanical Engineering), Mohamed Samir Ali Shafeiy (second year, Civil Engineering), Islam Al Sayed Yusuf (second year, Mechanical Engineering) and Mohamed Ashraf Metwally (first year, Mechanical Engineering).

The students were accused of several strange charges, as one of them was accused of making a speech in an informal ceremony, and another was accused of making a poem about his detention, and many other charges such as mocking at the Arab Summit and President Mubarak through a play.

These violations against MB students came after their activities to expose the falsification of student unions elections.

This year, Zagazig University has witnessed the largest campaign against students, as 10 MB students were detained in the month of Ramadan.