• April 16, 2007
  • 2 minutes read

9 Mansoura University Students Dismissed

9 Mansoura University Students Dismissed

The Faculty of Commerce, Mansoura University, dismissed on Sunday 9 students after referring them to a disciplinary panel for performing the play “Congratulations on the son” and for their protests against the constitutional amendments, in addition to several other charges.
The Faculty of Commerce held today two disciplinary panels on Sunday for the nine students:

Salman Mohamed

Ahmed Al Sayed

Hani Al Sayed

Al Sayyed Mokhtar

Mahmoud Shaban

Mohamed Ibrahim

Mahmoud Abdou

Fouda Mahmoud (the secretary general of the free student union in the faculty).
The disciplinary panel was attended by the faculty dean, Dr. Nabil Al Nagar, representative of the teaching staff members, Dr. Abd Al-Latif and the faculty principal, Dr. Ali Al Gharouri, and Mr. Amin ( of the legal affairs), in addition to two lawyers from the bar association who came to defend the Muslim Brotherhood students during the investigation.
The students were accused of: publishing pamphlets of lectures without a license, after the MB students published lectures and distributed them for low prices to help fellow students who welcomed this idea. The panel decided to dismiss these students for a month.