9 MBs from Beheira released and 3 others detained

9 MBs from Beheira released and 3 others detained

State Security Services released 9 members of the Brotherhood from Al-Beheira free from the Cairo Criminal Court in 27, 29 September respectively who were detained in the renowned case known in the media as “Faris Barakat. They returned to their homes.

The detainees are:

Mahmoud Abdul Nazeer Mohammed Othman

Mohamed Ahmed Abdel-Mawgoud Mohamed

Majdi Zaki Attia Oweda

Mohamed Mamdouh Ali Salman

Ashraf Mohamed Naguib Al-Katib

 Mohamed Abdel Moneim Ibrahim Zeidan

 Mohammad Al Esawi Mohamed Al-Dhahabi

 Abu Fotouh Mohammed Abu al-Yazid

 Emad Mohammed Fathi Abdel-Hafiz 
State Security is still detaining Osama Suleima, Hani Mohammed Jaber Al-Bakatoshi and Ahmed Eid, despite the Cairo Criminal Court former acquittal. They were later transferred to the headquarters of Damanhour State Security.

 A leading Brotherhood figure in Al-Beheira Essam Al-Gharbawi was transferred into Al-abhadiyya prison in Damanhour for a  further 15 pending investigations of  Case No. 3877 for 2009 (administrative Hosh Issa). He joined the 12 leading Brotherhood figures, who were arrested earlier this month led by head of the MB administrative office Mohammed Sweidan and former member in the People’s Assembly (PA) Dr. Gamal Heshmat.