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Community Outreach

Dr. Badie Heads Muslim Brotherhood Delegation; Offers Condolences on Death of Pope Shenouda III

Brotherhood Chairman Badie mourns death of a great Coptic thinker and leader, describing him as a symbol of conservative wisdom who dedicated his life to the service of his homeland.

Catholic Church Welcomes Muslim Brotherhood Dialogue; Orthodox Church Awaits Badie Visit

The Brotherhood welcomes Egyptian Church’s goodwill gesture, prays for the Pope’s full recovery, and announces “our door is open to all” for friendly objective discussions to bridge views and forge closer relations.

Katatni: Egyptian Families Displacement Unacceptable

He was commenting on urgent statements made by MP Emad Gad, in which he said that certain Coptic families were removed from the Nahda village in Alexandria on the background of an illicit relationship between a young Christian tailor and a Muslim woman.

International Affairs

Katatni and French Ambassador Agree Assad Must Go; Israel Must Stop Offensive Against Gaza

Egypt’s Freedom and Justice Party Chairman Katatni meets with French Ambassador Nicolas Galey; discuss Middle East troubles; agree Israel must halt its bloody offensive against the Gaza Strip.

Freedom and Justice Chairman Meets With Italian PM Mario Monti

Cairo – Tuesday: Freedom and Justice Party receives Prime Minister of Italy who started on Monday a two-day visit to Egypt as part of a Middle East tour.

Dr. Morsi Holds Talks with Kuwaiti Ambassador in Cairo at FJP Headquarters

Dr. Mohamed Morsi discusses with Kuwait’s Ambassador Al-Hamad the way forward to bolster bilateral relations, and for the Gulf country to benefit from investment opportunities in Egypt.


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